Annual (Kick-Off) Breakfast

Jewel Smally, Co-Chair
Robert Mansfield, Co-Chair
All Steering Committee members

Book and Film Club

Joan Campagna (Book Club Lead)
Clarice Estrada
Eric Van Uffelen (Film Club Lead)

Professional Development

Constance Revore
Diana Kim
Judy Fuller
Jena Desai


Vaisahli Patel (Lead)
Robert Mansfield 

Leadership Series

Jewel Smally (Lead)
Cindy Chiu
Leah McCann


Judy Fuller (Lead)
Edgar Micua
Padric McCaig
Millo Pasquini
Vaishali Patel
Constance Revore

Spring Conference

Co-Chairs and Chair-elect

Science for the Rest of Us

Padric McCaig
Edgar Micua
Millo Pasquini

Year-End (Summer) and Winter Social Celebrations

All Steering Committee members participate in planning Year-End and Winter Social Celebrations